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El @PSCBaix presenta una bateria de preguntes al Parlament sobre les urgències a l’ Hospital de
Ani Keaten, aka @anikeaten said:
In 2019 I started submitting poetry again so I'm proud of myself for the few publications I had this year, here the…
Ani Keaten, aka @anikeaten said:
Watch for one of my poems from @escarp !
@escarp "Budapest Opera Casablanca, Mademoiselle, A Yiddishe Mame No more, Mademoiselle. Auschwitz. Family gone. m…
@escarp Restart Over My needles sway on The broken walls As I eat My house into wind @nomad, spider
Finally got a piece into @escarp! Check out my tiny poem!
🔴🏨@escarp, des d'una de les concentracions contra les llistes d'espera a la sanitat pública: "Les llistes d'espera…
DL Shirey, aka @dlshirey said:
Wow. Thanks @redhotpopper for hearting this tweet today. A trip down memory lane brought to you by @escarp, back wh…
@escarp @_RobinJohnson Excellent, hearty
@escarp Thanks for following, escarp. If you like flash fiction, you will love our free book:
Quina vergonya; estat d'excepció sense declarar i autonomia intervinguda "de facto" i demaneu garanties al referèndum? @escarp @miqueliceta
Noah Renn, aka @NoahRenn said:
Shout out to @escarp for featuring some of my words. #amwriting
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@escarp luck be a lady...
@nelilly @nanoism @7x20 and @escarp are still around
@OliviaKCerrone so nice to see your work @escarp <3
@escarp I believe division is dumb. When we choose love we will be free from our fear…
@biscottidana @escarp Thanks for the retweet.
RT @escarp My mother barbecued a moose in Yiddish, needing no heat but her grilling tongue. @ajackson568
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