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Susan Rukeyser's avatarName: Susan Rukeyser Twitter: @SusanRukeyser
Bio: I write because I can't stop. Believe it, I've tried.
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Cypher's avatarName: Cypher Twitter: @lhstaubs
Bio: Poetry and Train-wrecks.
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Darrell's avatarName: Darrell Twitter: @J3xf
Bio: Darrell Albert dislikes the word outgrow.
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Elizabeth_Thorpe's avatarName: Elizabeth_Thorpe Twitter: @mainewriter
Bio: I'm a writer and teacher from Maine. I like trees, stars, tents, bodies of water, musical instruments, good food, and taking pictures. I live in Philadelphia.
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Frances Roth's avatarName: Frances Roth Twitter: @FrancesMRoth
Bio: College student, city girl, country heart, fascinated by the little things (which pretty much covers everything but concrete and brick buildings).
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Laura Rashley's avatarName: Laura Rashley Twitter: @squarebeliefs
Bio: I'm not inspiring and I've never lost multiple limbs on a mountain top metaphorically or otherwise.
Submissions: 1
deirdre's avatarName: deirdre Twitter: @deirdredishman
Bio: ha
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Mark Connors's avatarName: Mark Connors Twitter: @Markywriter
Bio: A novelist, poet and songwriter from Leeds, UK. Watch out for a twitter tale a day, or equivalent of, for 2014. Editor of Twiction Addiction @twictionaddict
Submissions: 1
Robert West's avatarName: Robert West Twitter: @robertwest7
Bio: I'm the author of three collections of poems, the latest of which is _Convalescent_ (Finishing Line Press, 2011).
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Daniel Kovalcik's avatarName: Daniel Kovalcik Twitter: @Danielkovalcik
Bio: No bio given.
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Barbara West's avatarName: Barbara West Twitter: @WestBew
Bio: Wondering what, if anything, needs to be said
Submissions: 1
Francis Daulerio's avatarName: Francis Daulerio Twitter: @FDWrites
Bio: Francis is a poet and teacher from the Philadelphia suburbs. His first poetry collection will be released in April 2015 through the Unsolicited Press.
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Dawn Manning's avatarName: Dawn Manning Twitter: @DawnManning23
Bio: writer, photographer, rogue anthropologist, & cat whisperer
Submissions: 1 2
Andrew Cothren's avatarName: Andrew Cothren Twitter: @andrewcothren
Bio: Writer of fiction. Graduate student. Chews a breath mint before talking on the phone. Formerly @future_consumer.
Submissions: 1
Steven Crandell's avatarName: Steven Crandell Twitter: @stevencrandell
Bio: Father. Writer. Grateful. I integrate strategy & story for philanthropic orgs Book:
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Michele Harris's avatarName: Michele Harris Twitter: @cerulae
Bio: poet with fiction envy, fluent in Pittsburghese, working on my guitar calluses
Submissions: 1 2 3 4
20 Limes's avatarName: 20 Limes Twitter: @20Limes
Bio: Writing Twitter-sized fiction and poetry. Fan of Indy movies, sci fi TV, multi cultural literature. [Soy Latino.]
Submissions: 1
Stella Pierides's avatarName: Stella Pierides Twitter: @stellapierides
Bio: Journeys to the Human Heart #Poetry, #Stories, #Art, #Culture, #Greece, #UK and #DE. Recent Book: Feeding the Doves (stories)
Submissions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
S. Kay's avatarName: S. Kay Twitter: @blueberrio
Bio: Microfiction author. Bytes of robots, sex, media, and kale, in very short stories and RTs. #vss #Citybots
Submissions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
joannemerriam's avatarName: joannemerriam Twitter: @joannemerriam
Bio: Writer & poet; immigrant; Red Tory; proud Maritimer; editor @7x20 & @upperrubberboot. Books (poetry) & (fantasy).
Submissions: 1 2 3
Bendi Barrett's avatarName: Bendi Barrett Twitter: @Bendied
Bio: Fiction/Poetry Writer. Game Writer. Gamer. Real life alter-ego of @benji_bright. Alleged Sorcerer, etc.
Submissions: 1
Meera Lee Sethi's avatarName: Meera Lee Sethi Twitter: @gruntleme
Bio: Humanities BA/MA on a reroute toward grad school part two, destination: Ecology. Running on stamina and joy.
Submissions: 1 2
Lam Pham's avatarName: Lam Pham Twitter: @air_GO
Bio: fiction writer. UCLA graduate and MFA candidate at the University of Wyoming. one of Banquo's ghosts.
Submissions: 1
michelle shyman's avatarName: michelle shyman Twitter: @michelleshy
Bio: ~Actor~ ~Performance Artist~ ~Writer~ ~Filmmaker~ ~ ~ ~
Submissions: 1 2 3 4
Cooper Jak's avatarName: Cooper Jak Twitter: @cjakmussington
Bio: I'm a girl
Submissions: 1
Richard Baldasty's avatarName: Richard Baldasty Twitter: @2kurtryder
Bio: Poet, flash fiction writer, gardener, retired historian, collagist
Submissions: 1 2 3
Amy Sprague's avatarName: Amy Sprague Twitter: @amyjosprague
Bio: CNF, poet, memoir in progress, ...May you live w/ hysteria & out of it make fine stories.... MUSIC, blues, Complex PTSD & Mental Illness Blogger
Submissions: 1
Stephen V. Ramey's avatarName: Stephen V. Ramey Twitter: @svramey
Bio: I live and write in The New Castle with the hope our next book will sell before the fence falls down.
Submissions: 1
Shelby Davis's avatarName: Shelby Davis Twitter: @ShelbySdavis
Bio: Follow Me.!✌
Submissions: 1 2
Ray Scanlon's avatarName: Ray Scanlon Twitter: @oldmanscanlon
Bio: Massachusetts boy. Has grandchildren. Extraordinarily lucky. No extrovert. Writes short nonfiction... for the most part.
Submissions: 1
Poetry Pimp's avatarName: Poetry Pimp Twitter: @PsychicMeatloaf
Bio: George McKim is the Editor of Psychic Meatloaf Poetry Journal. How To Guide for the Journal - Step 1: Open. Step 2: Read. Step 3: Laugh, Cry. Step 4: Submit.
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Dennis Gonzales's avatarName: Dennis Gonzales Twitter: @dennisyg
Bio: No bio given.
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